How does SCOBDO work?

SCOBDO lets owners of e-invoice formats store the semantics and technical specifications of formats, versions and extensions in a repository as illustrated in the figure below. SCOBDO will make online tools available for this purpose. Also, providers of standard ERP and administrative software may store the (proprietary) interface definitions of their software into the repository. Service providers (and larger users) may create mappings as XSLT files using SCOBDO provided services and import them in their software.

The repository is stored on Joinup, the public repository of the European Commission. Open standards, such as XMI, will be used as the storage format. The precise specification of this format is a deliverable of SCOBDO and will be published. Within the SCOBDO project, an (online) user interface, based on the existing portal solution of GEFEG (the main software company in the SCOBDO consortium) will be made available to prepare the semantic and technical definitions.